Tips to Maintain Your Saltwater Trolling Motor Battery

Tips to Maintain Your Saltwater Trolling Motor Battery

A saltwater trolling motor battery has to perform under fairly tough conditions and so it is important to know what will keep your boat in a perfect condition. When we consider the important items for our boat, things like fire extinguishers, life jackets, trolling motors, outboard engines, depth finders, cheap spinning reels, using your local boat repair shop and even rod holders come to mind. But one of the less glamorous and yet most key parts of the boat is the battery. So, in this article, we will discuss the tips that will help you maintain your saltwater trolling motor battery.

A good battery charger is a must if you own a saltwater trolling motor. Portable chargers are excellent but I recommend automatic charger like the ProMariner Multi 43008 Battery Charger. I mean one that shut down when the batteries are fully charged. A good charger that can recognize charge levels is worth the extra dollars. On board smart chargers, such as those offered by Minn Kota, are the best because they are less hassle and only require an extension cord. They are designed for marine battery charging and can charge all your batteries full, and then hold them for long periods of inactivity.

How to maintain your trolling motor battery

• When using your trolling motor, pay special attention to how the trolling motor and the engine sound. If the engine has trouble cranking or if the trolling motor does not seem to last as long as usual, it is a sign of a weak battery.

• Don’t forget to write down the purchase date and keep the battery receipts. This is important if the battery fails. Some stores will evaluate your next battery purchase if it is within the warranty period and may replace the dead battery.

• Don’t forget to fully charge the batteries after each trip. Your trolling motor battery can get memory and ultimately drop power if used when they are not fully charged. Using partially charged batteries may even cause new batteries not to get fully charged again.

• Remember fuses and breakers are very important for accessories that are attached to batteries. Fuses prevent components such as electronic equipment from being damaged in the event of a power surge, while breakers allow power to be turn off during inactivity period to allow batteries to remain fully charged.

When using lead-acid batteries, always check the water level in the batteries. Avoid using tap water or even battery acid that you obtained at the local car stores. Used distilled water, and always wear safety goggles and rubber gloves when working on batteries.

• When buying marine batteries, always choose a high-quality battery. Marine Deep Cycle batteries can discharge and charge batteries more easily than automotive kinds and can as well take the pounding a boat takes on the water. Buy cranking battery for engine and electronics and deep cycle trolling motor battery for trolling motor. Make sure you purchase as much cranking battery as you can to be able to separate accessories from the trolling motor. You can get better batteries at places like Walmart, Deka, Optima, and other online and at local marine water.

And lastly, don’t forget that maintaining your battery is very important. Buying the right type of battery, observing the water levels and noting the changes can help you increase your catch.