6 Clothing Essentials for Fishing

6 Clothing Essentials for Fishing

When you are ready to cast your line out on the water and enjoy the peacefulness and success of catching your own dinner, it’s important to be dressed for the occasion. Fishing can get dirty and messy, so wearing your Sunday best isn’t always the best idea.

Practical and comfortable clothing is perfect for this sport, and if you use these fashion tips for men you’d find that looking good on your fishing trip is in the realms of possibility. Read on to see the 6 clothing essentials for fishing that you should not leave home without.

Comfortable Undergarments

A successful day of fishing starts with your underwear. Why? Well if you are not wearing something that is comfortable, breathable, and keeps you from chaffing in the heat, then you are going to have discomfort for most of the time you are trying to relax and enjoy.

Opt for comfortable underwear that works well in the heat so that you don’t have to deal with any negative side effects later.


Even if you don’t think you need it, a hat will come in handy. Hats not only protect your head from the sun (sunburns happen even with a full head of hair), but they also provide an area of shade over your face to help with how much the sun gets in your eyes.

You can use a regular baseball cap, a visor, a bandanna, or choose a full circle fishing hat that works to keep the sun at bay from all directions around your face and neck.

Water Friendly Shoes

If you are fishing, there is a good chance you may get wet. Whether it is from splashing or if you are stepping into the water. No matter where you will be fishing from, it is a good idea to have good sturdy shoes that hold your feet in place while also offering non-slip protection on slippery surfaces.

It is also a plus if your shoes can take on a little water. Velcro sandals are good for allowing water in or you can try some waterproof fishing boots or waders if you don’t want to get wet while being in the water.

Shirt with Sleeves

Like having a hat, choosing to wear a shirt with sleeves is a proactive way of keeping your skin safe from the sun. While it may seem a little hotter to wear more covering, you can combat that feeling by choosing shirts that are dri-fit.

These types of shirts are made from fabric-wicking material so that you won’t openly sweat all over your shirt, rendering it soaking wet during the heat. Instead, dri-fit shirts pull the moisture away from your body onto the shirt without creating a wet shirt effect.

Shorts with Pockets

You don’t always stay in the same spot while fishing. Sometimes you need to move further away from others or go to a place in the water that you think is more likely to have fish active in it. With all of this moving around, you will want to have shorts that will help you carry everything you need, from your phone, to spare tackle and even your cold beer.

Make sure that if you are getting close to the water you seal up important electronics like keys and phones in an airtight bag and then secure them in a buttoned or zippered pocket so they don’t float away.

Fishing Gloves

Even if you are a fishing pro who doesn’t need to use gloves, it is still a good idea to have them. They protect your hands while you are dealing with sharp hooks, wiggly bait, and the active fins of slippery fish.

Wearing gloves, that you can carry around in your multi-pocket shorts, will help you keep a firm grip on everything that you use while fishing.


There are a lot of things that you do and don’t need when you go fishing. Sometimes, it is easier to load up and go with just the basic essentials, like the ones above. Comfort and utility are the best things to keep in mind when you are picking out your clothing choices for this hot weather sport.