Best Baitcasters under $50

Best Baitcasters under $50

best baitcasters cheap budgetIf you’ve been fishing for years or just getting into it, you know how expensive it can get. Your fishing reels can be one of those pricey items and choosing the best baitcasters can get really pricey. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’re wanting to start fishing with a baitcasting reel, you can do a lot for little money.

Jumping into the baitcaster game isn’t an easy task. Many fishermen try it and soon after days of frustration, a lot of these reels end up in the bottom of a lake somewhere. That’s usually because they are starting out with a cheap generic reel. Yes, the higher-end expensive reels do make a difference.  But, I’m here to tell you that you can still get a quality baitcaster if you’re on a budget. Here’s a list of 5 of the best baitcasters you can get under $50.

The Top 5 Best Baitcasters Under $50

1. Abu Garcia Black Max

best baitcaster Abu Garcia Black MaxThe Abu Garcia Black Max is by far the #1 reel for beginners. This reel has proven itself time and time again to be the launching pad for many fishermen wanting to get into the baitcaster game.

The upgraded Black Max low profile baitcast reel delivers class-leading performance in a compact, lightweight design. The new generation of Max reels incorporates new styling with the proven value and reliability that anglers have come to expect from this series.

  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Power Disk™ drag system
  • Duragear™ brass gear
  • MagTrax™ brake system
  • Compact bent handle and star
  • Recessed reel foot
  • One piece graphite frame
  • Graphite sideplates
  • Price: $46.31

2. Piscifun Torrent

Best baitcaster Piscifun TorrentEngineered and precision-cut gears, plus stainless steel springs and screws provide strength, water resistance, reliable operation, and quiet, steady-speed retrievals. There is not another baitcasting fishing reel on the market with reinforced gears.
4 customer fit carbon fiber drag washers, simply outlast sand performs better than what are often composite washers, making fine-tuning to power a simple turn of the star drag adjustment. Keep drag pressure off when not use.

Optimal shielded bearings mean a long life from oil wear particles and water, fresh or salt. We put the right bearing at the place of serious business. They redefine smooth and free pool for low profile bait cast reel.

  • POWERFUL- Advanced, 4-washer, gives the low profile baitcasting reel physically powerful 18LB carbon fiber drag to handle the big fish you are after
  • DURABLE – Industrial durable-strength, climate-resistant Japanese Hami cut 3604 brass gears, these are all top quality gears you expect for baitcaster fishing reels
  • PERFORMANCE – Low profile design bait caster featuring 7.1:1 gear ratios specifically designed for the versatile angler. The Super Silent high speed 7.1:1 Gear Ratio baitcasting fishing reel is perfect for getting fish quickly out of cover and faster fishing tactics
  • UNIQUE – Unique side-plate oil port for prolonged maintenance for Novice to Pro to maximize your baitcasting reel life and performance
  • UNPARALLELED – Strong double wind shafts and backlash-eliminating 0-10 magnetic dial-in settings
  • Price: $39.99

3. KastKing Royale Legend

best baitcasters KastKing Royal LegendsKastKing Royale Legend low profile baitcast fishing reel brings you maximum silky smooth performance without overpaying for your fishing tackle. This baitcaster features an easy to adjust centrifugal and magnetic 10-level dual brake system, helping you to achieve superior casting control and virtually eliminate backlash. Legend’s 7.0:1 brass gear ratio and 11+1 noise-free, corrosion resisting ball bearings, and ceramic line guide that is monofilament line and braided fishing line compatible, gives you optimal high-speed performance.

These amazing fishing reels have oversized, stainless steel handles that give you great control and non-slip EVA padded foam grips to wick away moisture and add comfort. The spool is composed of CNC machined, cross-drilled anodized aluminum. It’s lightweight enough to use all day without leaving your wrist feeling fatigued, yet strong enough to deliver 17.5 lb of drag with its excellent no-nonsense carbon fiber star drag system.

  • GREAT FOR BEGINNERS – The 1st Generation Royal legend baitcasting reel has one of the best dual brake systems with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control. If you are new to baitcasters or get frustrated with backlashes, the Royale Legend is a perfect choice.
  • BIGGER LINE CAPACITY – Royale Legend I is a bigger baitcasting reel than the 2nd generation. It’s a good fit when you need to have more lines on your reel.
  • PERFORMANCE – Low profile design bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve. Two-color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool offers maximum strength while reducing weight.
  • UNMATCHED – Precision cut brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 LBs of drag offer the ultimate in a high-performance low maintenance baitcasting reel package.
  • PROVEN – 11 + 1 double-shielded MaxiDur ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.
  • Price: $39.99

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4. KastKing Spartacus

best baitcasters KastKing SpartacusKastKing Spartacus baitcasting reels are high quality, high-performance baitcasters at affordable innovation. Spartacus’ unique centrifugal and magnetic dual brake system, 17.5 lbs. carbon fiber drag, 6.3:1 gear ratio, 11 + 1 stainless steel shielded ball bearings, plus instant stop anti-reverse, durable brass gears, CNC aluminum spool offer the best baitcasting reel for you.

The corrosion-resistant components of a KastKing Spartacus baitcasting reel will give you hours on end of fish fighting performance and could be used freshwater or saltwater. When shopping for a baitcaster reel compare the quality features and great value of a KastKing Spartacus to baitcasting reels from Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Quantum, Lew’s and other brand fishing reels. Spartacus is available in right or left-hand models in two colors. Bring a KastKing Spartacus baitcaster to your bass fishing arena and hear the crowd roar!

  • New features added – like its gladiator name, The Spartacus baitcasting reel is a warrior! KastKing Spartacus baitcasting reel has the dynamic features you need in the Battle for your personal best.
  • Powerful – you will love the exceptional micro-cast dual centrifugal and magnetic brakes. Plus Tournament ready carbon fiber drag with 17.6 lbs of Trophy fish stopping power.
  • Smooth – a Spartacus baitcasting reel has superior shielded 11 + 1 corrosion resistant ball bearings, CNC Machined aluminum spool for smooth casting, powerful precision matched brass gears.
  • No mercy – a KastKing Spartacus bait caster fishing reel with its versatile 6.3: 1 gear ratio creates an exceptional bait casting weapon in your fishing tackle collection.
  • Game Changer – Go beyond the limits with this phenomenal, yet affordable new Spartacus bait cast reel that is smoother and more powerful than any other brand bait casters in its price range.
  • Price: $47.99

5. Cadence CB5

best baitcasters Cadence CB5The Cadence CB5 provides exceptional performance housed in a sleek matte black or red frame and is an incredible bang for your buck! Its 8 corrosion-resistant bearings make for incredibly smooth operation, while the carbon fiber drag system provides plenty of power. An externally adjustable magnetic brake system virtually eliminates backlashes while being quick and easy to adjust.

The CB5 baitcasting reel is available in both left and right hand retrieve as well as a variety of gear ratios and is ideal for most baitcasting applications and techniques. From skipping your favorite jig to cranking, to flipping & pitching and beyond, the CB8 series of baitcasting reels will exceed your expectations with the superior features, quality, and design.

  • Carbon fiber drag system
  • External adjustable magnetic brakes
  • Super smooth ball bearing from Japan
  • Machined aluminum spool
  • Aluminum spool tension knob
  • Brass crankshaft
  • Hard brass main gear & pinion gear
  • Price: $38.99

All of these reels above will get you on the right track to learning and becoming proficient in the baitcaster game. Check them out and let me know your thoughts if you have used these.


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  1. I’ve owned the Black Max for years and it’s never failed me. I’ve been wanting something new and just ordered the Piscifun Torrent after reading this. Hopefully it’s just as good as the Abu. Can’t beat the price

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